Sometimes a little ‘to me, from me’ gift doesn't hurt.

Each piece is carefully designed so you can rock out some UMA merch in style!

  • The UMA


    Want a Piece of Uma?

    Or, at least the parts we aren't keeping?

    You can be part of this thorough refit and help us keep Uma floating for another 50 years.

    As we go though all the stuff we've collected over the years, we'll be parting with a lot of it (such as old books, used camera gear, and other random trinkets we've collected over the years).

    Each of these item has a unique story, and we're hoping they'll go to a good home.

    So, every Friday, we will be updating the Bilge Sale with new items. So keep an eye out and check what's new... you never know what you'll find in the bilge.


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    Inspired by our recent Journey up the coast of Norway, above the Arctic circle and up to Svalbard. From the mountains, to the night sky and Northern lights, paired with splash of our beloved chalkboard we have onboard... everything about this T-shirt is so unique to UMA.

    A great gift for a Sailing Uma fan or really for anyone who just loves sailboats.

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  • the uma WHISKY

    (Pre-Orders not yet available)
  • The story

    During our sailing journey up the coast of Norway, we stumbled upon Myken, a tiny island just North of the Arctic Circle.


    As soon as we stepped foot on the dock, We had a warm welcome from Roar, a local who happens to own the world's first Arctic whiskey distillery, right here on the island.


    After a quick midnight tour of the distillery, let's just say it didn't take long to be convinced to get a few barrels and start our very own Arctic Whisky label...

  • the barrel

    Because our Whisky is stored in 40L barrels, the aging process is much faster. In just 4 years, the whisky will have the same maturity as a 15yr old whisky from a larger barrel.


    As our whisky ages, we will host many tasting events on the Island. In the mean time, if you ever find yourself on the lovely island of Myken, feel free to ask Roar to show you the "Uma Barrel" stored in the Whisky Cathedral.


    The best part is... you can let us know you were there by signing the barrel ;)